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Buzz Health supply nutrition supplements and formulas including greens, vitamins, minerals, super foods, organic plant omega EFA's  and organic Chinese herbal liquid formulas - manufactured with integrity and care to give you long lasting health benefits. We don't compromise your health by adding artificial or synthetic ingredients, unnecessary fillers or binders, and we certainly don't cut costs or corners on quality or integrity of ingredients.

About Buzz Health

Buzz Health was founded in 2010 by James McDonald, a veteran of the UK health food industry and an experienced nutritionist whose ethos is to supply the best nutrition formulas possible to support a healthy wholesome diet.

One question always being asked is why do we need to take supplements?

The answer is not complicated - it's simply because the foods we eat today don't contain the nutrients that they once did 100 years ago.

Food should always be the bed rock of your health but sadly this is not the case today.

We face serious issues of nutrient depleted soils, processed foods with bad fats and environmental pollution that rob us of the nutrition we need to keep us full of vitality and healthy well-being. Did you know that almost everyone living in westernised countries have burnt out adrenals and suffer some kind of mental health issue, including fatigue, anxiety, depression and poor sleep.

Taking the best nutrition supplements every day to supplement your diet makes common sense. However, one shoe size doesn't fit everyone so consumers must be discerning about choosing the most appropriate supplements for their individual needs. Our best advice is to make sure you take a daily vitamin and mineral supplement like Vita Balance 2000, a digestive support and gentle detox formula like Green Magic plus essential fatty acids such as The Yes Parent Essential oils. These three supplements will help boost your nutrition status and support your daily diet.

We believe that most lifestyle acquired disease can be prevented with good diet principles supported with effective, appropriate nutritional supplements. In a scientific article published as long ago as June 19, 2002, The Journal of The American Medical Association (JAMA) affiliated with Harvard Medical School announced that all adults should take vitamin & mineral supplements to help prevent chronic diseases like cardiovascular illness, cancer and arthritis. Today, lots more scientific evidence is proving that nature’s remedies and foods still offer the best preventative medicine available.

Thank you sincerely for visiting this website, we know that you will discover lots of new health information and you'll really enjoy the benefits from using our range of nutrition health products. We also hope you will create a real buzz among your friends and family when you tell them about your exciting new healthier lifestyle. Please don't hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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