"... many adults also suffer with what's called ADHD..."


One out of every five kids is diagnosed with a behaviour or learning disorder, many adults also suffer with what's called ADHD symptoms. Internal causes include structural, biochemical, congenital, genetic or other bodily imbalances. Factors such as nutrition and brain chemistry are often overlooked but are critically important for healing. ADHD is a complex business that needs to address; nutrient deficiencies, toxic metal excesses, hypoglycemia, chronic yeast infection, central nervous system allergies, before causes can be naturally treated. We supply unique fatty acids, Parent Essential Oils, that provide a correct ratio of omegas required for good neural & myelin function along with VB 2000, a multivitamin formula that helps support a specialised diet for better brain health. We also advise taking our cleansing and heavy metals detox formula Green Magic.


Liver Chi Tea

Helps to nurture,detoxify and protect the liver from damage

  • Protect and restore the function of your liver
  • Helps to nurture,detoxify and protect the liver from damage
  • The liver is the largest internal organ in the body and is responsible for over 500 functions
  • Liver Chi is great for healing most skin problems, eczema, spots
  • Liver chi is also used in helping weigt loss
  • Liver chi s excellent for balancing blood sugar levels
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SKU: BH-S-002

Detox Plus

Stimulates Liver’s Natural Detox Processes

  • allow organs and tissue to release metabolic waste
  • no adverse cleansing reaction
  • contains 40% ellagic acid - a powerful antioxidant
  • supports healthy liver function
  • rests and restores the body’s digestive system
  • recharges metabolism for increased energy and vitality
  • contains antioxidants,aminos & phytochemicals
SKU: BH-DP-001

Three Treasures Kidney Tea

Unique kidney tonic anti-aging formula

  • Unique kidney tonic and anti-aging formula
  • Traditional Chinese Herbal formula used for thousands of years
  • Age related reduction of kidney function is significant
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