"it's effective, long-lasting and suitable for both adults .."

Allergies are reactions in the body caused by exposure to airborne particles, certain foods, tap water, moulds, dusts, chemicals, pollens and other substances. The body produces anti‑bodies to neutralise these foreign substances and in the process, histamine and other chemicals are released which cause allergic symptoms. Our specialised supplements reduce histamine and provide anti-inflammatory benefits; Aller-Blast is a must-have allergy formula containing Quercitin, it's effective, long-lasting and suitable for both adults and children.


Yes Ultimate EFA's 4 oz Liquid ( New size) - one months supply

YES™ Ultimate EFAs™ - the healthy fats the body cannot make !

  • Cold pressed organic seed oils
  • Science-based “parent” omega 6/3 blend
  • Tested effective in heart studies
  • Contains no fish oils or ‘derivatives’
  • Free of chemicals, solvents and pesticides
  • Supports cellular oxygenation
  • Balances hormones, lowers inflammation
  • supports healthy cholesterol levels
  • stops aching joints and limbs
  • supports healthy brain function
  • Suitable for vegans & vegetarians

Aller Blast - Allergy Formula - 60 capsues

  • helps alleviate hayfever & common household allergies
  • reduces histamine release
  • Helps support immune health
  • reduces allergic reaction to pet dander
SKU: BH-AL-001

Aller Ease

Innovation for Allergy Sufferers

SKU: BH-AL-002


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