The BuzzHealth Affiliate Program

You can earn money easily on the affiliate program

How it works

If you own a business website, personal site or a blog, face book page or even Twitter, you can make money by becoming an affiliate of BuzzHealth.

Not only do you make money, your audience also gets special deals from BuzzHealth and as you already are aware our site is so much more than a selling site - it is a wealth of health information and comment.

So by becoming a BuzzHealth Affiliate you will be able to link to just your favorite products (ie; if you are a Green Magic user you may want to comment on your blog or face book page about it, so you will give you a link or a banner ad - that will be unique to you to use.

We have just created this opportunity for our audience, so once singed up and approved we will give you 10% of all approved sales - this money gets paid straight in to your PayPal account. You also receive an email every time you links make a sale, so you can beaware of what is happening as well being able to log in to your account at buzz and see whats happening.


we know that many of you like the idea of this kind of scheme but although happy making everyday posts and changes to your website or social media - placing banners and links can be a bit daunting for this reason we are making available our own technical genius (genius may be pushing it - but he very apt') to help by phone or email. It is just as important that the program works for you as it is for it to work for us.



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