The Buzz Health website is dedicated to the memory of Dominique, aged 23, a beautiful and very special person who died in very tragic circumstances in 2010. Our ‘Dom’ suffered from a type of bi-polar disorder; unfortunately she never got the support when she was ill that we know could have helped her build a more meaningful and positive future for herself.

Dominique was passionate about green foods and healthy nutrition, just before she died she created a campaign to promote Green Magic (the green super food) to UK schools, it was an incredibly creative, teeny crazy and exciting educational piece of work, which was never completed. It is part of our goal at Buzz Health to carry through to completion Dominique’s campaign - to educate parents about the value and benefits of healthy nutrition for their children.

We have chosen TOGETHER as our charity of choice because we believe that they can provide the help that many young people like Dominique need to treat their mental illness. We donate a percentage of every product sold through the Buzz Health website to this UK charity.

For more details on the charity please visit:

Together is a national charity working alongside people with mental health issues on their journey to leading fulfilling and independent lives. By working intensively with each and every person who use their services, focusing on their hopes and needs, they support them in building a positive and meaningful future for themselves - however long it takes. There is a strong believe in a holistic approach to the journey towards recovery.

In the summer of 2010, a group of Dominique’s best friends raised over £8000 for the charity by completing a  non-stop 100 km walk along the South Downs. The girls seen presenting thier cheque with Ruby Wax, who helps support the work of the charity.


girls happy to finish their marathon walk


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