Fatigue or exhaustion of a mild or general nature affects almost everyone today, the causes can include; adrenal burnout, infections, toxic metals, nutrition deficiencies caused by poor diet, stress, poor sleep and medical drugs. Buzz Health have been supplying two nutrition supplements for almost three decades that combat fatigue and raise energy levels, these superior formulas are loaded with antioxidant nutrients and enzymes to help stop oxidative stress which triggers fatigue. Vita Balance 2000 and Green Magic work effectively and quickly to recharge mind and body. For a quick energy / immune system boost customers love to take a Power Pak sachet, all three formulas will stops people feeling 'sleepy' in the afternoon and combat stress causing fatigue.

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Vita Balance 2000 (Daily Multi Vitamin / Mineral) 90 tablets

Vita Balance 2000™ Offers Daily Health Protection

  • feel energised & rejuvinated in hours 
  • multi-vitamin-mineral-herb complex
  • offers powerful antioxidant protection
  • effective anti-stress pill for busy people
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • tested safe with Olympic athletes
  • low dose food state timed release formula
  • used by air crew to combat 'jet stress'
  • used by shift workers during transition
  • provides nutrients to support a poor diet
  • suitable for adults & teenagers
SKU: BH-EV-001

Restore Bio Energy Ribose ( 150 grams powder)


  • Effective Energy building formula
  • Contains Ribose™ and L-Carnitine Fumerate
  • Regenerates cellular energy catalyst 'ATP'
SKU: BH-EV-001

Vitamin C Electrolyte Power Paks

Boost Immune Health & Supercharge Energy Levels

  • Great tasting effervescent drink with vitamins and electrolytes
  • Each sachet contains 1200mgs Vitamin C
  • Maintain proper fluid balance and optimize energy levels
  • Catalyst for all the vitamins and nutrients
  • great tasting refreshing in water, juices or sports drinks
£24.95 £19.95

Green Magic Capsules - Your Daily Detox & Energy Boost

Energy Boosting LOW Cost 'Greens In a Bottle'

  • boosts energy, promotes vitality
  • supports healthy looking skin
  • gives 5-a-Day benefits
  • safe natural daily detox
  • improves bowel health
  • combats oxidative stress
  • has high ORAC antioxidant value
  • makes great tasting smoothie
  • contains veg-capsules
£24.95 £19.95
SKU: BH-A-003
* Size:

Green Magic POWDER - Natural Detox & Energy Boost


  • improves energy levels
  • lowers cellular biological ageing
  • gives youthful looking skin
  • improves digestive disorders
  • offers powerful antioxidant protection
  • high chlorophyll super food 
  • packed with EFA's  minerals & enzymes
  • Gluten & GM free
£24.95 £19.95
SKU: BH-A-003
* Size:


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