"...healthy colon is a key to enjoying longevity..."

Keeping a healthy colon is a key to enjoying longevity, vitality and good health. The colon, also called the large intestine, has some important functions; to absorb enough water from the faeces in order to form a semi-solid stool, to absorb nutrients and to manufacture some vitamins and other chemicals using bacteria that live in the large intestine. Good nutrition can help support a healthy colon and stop nutrient deficiencies (like low zinc) which almost always leads to yeast infections in the colon and elsewhere. Yeast infections can be a cause of constipation and many other bowel symptoms.
We supply formulas like NutriCleanse that improves regularity; Jerusalem Artichoke Flour (JAF) with Probiotics that colonises the colon with friendly flora and Magic Fibre which provides healthy fibre to clean out pockets of debris that cause irritation. We advise best results can be gained by taking all three formulas for up to three months.


Jerusalem Artichoke Flour (JAF) with Probiotics

Helps 'Colonise' Healthy Bowel Flora

  • Helps colonise healthy bowel flora
  • Pure organic JAF - high demand low supply
  • Effective treatment of yeast infections
  • Helps support inflammatory bowel treatment
SKU: BH-DH-006

Nutri Cleanse ( 180 Capsules) Non Laxative Gentle Colonic

All Natural Colon Cleansing Formula

This all natural colon cleansing fibre contains over 9 grams of the best digestible and non-digestible fibre plus key nutrients including herbs, probiotics and vitamins to assist the body’s natural process of elimination without harsh habit forming laxatives. This gentle but effective formula help treat colon distress known to  cause polyps, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) constipation, haemorrhoids and diverticulitis.

SKU: BH-DH-005

Magic Fibre CLR - Better Bowel Function

Improves Digestive & Intestinal Health

  • bowel cleansing gentle fibre formula
  • improves bowel action, cleanses toxins
  • maintains healthy cholesterol
  • balances blood sugar
  • supports healthy gut flora
  • no taste or smell, mixes smoothly
  • plant fibre from fruits and vegetables
  • supports heart health
SKU: BH-DH-007


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