"taking digestive enzymes and creating favourable acid base..."

Digestion is a process where food is acted upon mechanically by chewing and then chemically by acids and enzymes in the intestines. As a result, the food is broken down into simpler chemical compounds.For example, protein is broken into its amino acids, fats are broken into fatty acids and starches and sugars are broken down to simple sugars. Proper digestion is essential to help you enjoy good health-by eating fresh wholesome food, taking digestive enzymes and creating favourable acid base in the intestines helps makes this possible. We supply formulas that address probiotic flora, correct pH balance & deliver a high digestive enzyme pool to break down foods and support liver function. We believe that everyone over age 50 should take Power Plant Enzymes to help break down pepsin found in proteins; this formula stops bloating and gas after eating as well as digestive discomfort in the elderly.

Digestive Health

Probiotics 55 Billion - Super Strength Bowel Formula

Probiotics 55 Billion = Healthy Gut Flora

  • Each capsule contains 55 Billion Colony Forming Units
  • TEN strains of healthy bowel flora
  • Enteric coated caps gives maximum absorption
  • Treats Candida yeast infection
  • FASTER BETTER results
  • vegetable capsules


£34.00 £28.00
SKU: BH-P55B-002

Glutamine Plus™ 'Leaky Gut ' Formula

  • helps support immune health
  • heals 'leaky gut syndrome'
  • improves digestive health
  • assists natural muscle growth
  • balances blood sugar
  • regulates cholesterol balance
  • support health brain activity
SKU: BH-GP-001

pH+ Adjust

Experience truly vibrant health

Balance your body’s pH levels

  • Balance your body’s pH levels
  • Experience truly vibrant health
  • Always working to maintain the balance between acid and alkaline
SKU: BH - pH+ -002

Jerusalem Artichoke Flour (JAF) with Probiotics

Helps 'Colonise' Healthy Bowel Flora

  • Helps colonise healthy bowel flora
  • Pure organic JAF - high demand low supply
  • Effective treatment of yeast infections
  • Helps support inflammatory bowel treatment
SKU: BH-DH-006

Magic Fibre CLR - Better Bowel Function

Improves Digestive & Intestinal Health

  • bowel cleansing gentle fibre formula
  • improves bowel action, cleanses toxins
  • maintains healthy cholesterol
  • balances blood sugar
  • supports healthy gut flora
  • no taste or smell, mixes smoothly
  • plant fibre from fruits and vegetables
  • supports heart health
SKU: BH-DH-007

Power Plant Enzymes (60 tablets)

Relieves Common Digestive Complaints


  • stops gas and bloating associated with eating
  • helps older adults digest proteins in meat
  • stops undigested proteins causing allergic reactions
  • stops you feeling sleepy after a big meal
  • supports healthy weight loss
  • enteric coated to guarantee absorption


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