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If you wish to create radiant, vibrant and healthy looking skin, hair and nails you need to improve your nutrition status with a good diet and supplements that address both inner and outer beauty. Sulphur is an important nutrient for all round beauty support because it acts to stabilize the support structures of tissues like collagen and the connective tissue matrix-this is why we advise you take our sulphur rich formula MSM Complex combined with our youthful skin formula Ageless Ageing Collagen powder. Vita Balance 2000 contains nutrients that help build strong keratin to give you healthy nails and well as biotin for healthy hair. Improving your inner health will improve your outer beauty.

Hair Skin & Nails

Vita Balance 2000 (Daily Multi Vitamin / Mineral) 90 tablets

Vita Balance 2000™ Offers Daily Health Protection

  • feel energised & rejuvinated in hours 
  • multi-vitamin-mineral-herb complex
  • offers powerful antioxidant protection
  • effective anti-stress pill for busy people
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • tested safe with Olympic athletes
  • low dose food state timed release formula
  • used by air crew to combat 'jet stress'
  • used by shift workers during transition
  • provides nutrients to support a poor diet
  • suitable for adults & teenagers
SKU: BH-EV-001

Ageless Beauty (with Collagen) 300 grams - 60 servings

Promotes younger looking skin, strong nails & beautiful hair

  • helps reduce wrinkles & fine lines
  • gives younger smoother looking skin
  • promotes beautiful hair
  • gives stronger nails
  • supports stronger bone health
  • promotes skin repair after burns
  • helps improve joint mobility
  • provides high quality protein
  • high quality collagen matrix
  • 60 servings (300 gms)

Pro Cell Collagen with Hyaluronic Acid

Supports Healthy Skin, Hair & Nails

  • stops joint pain
  • supports strong ligaments  
  • gives luscious hair, youthful skin
  • make nails stronger
  • promotes cartilage synthesis
  • best high grade collagen
SKU: BH-JB-003

MSM Complex - Inflammatory Support

Organic Antioxidant Sulphur Formula 

  • reduces inflammation
  • treats arthritic symptoms
  • maintain healthy nails and hair
  • healthy joint formula
  • amazing detox formula
  • contains spirulina & ginger
SKU: BH-DH-010


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