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YES™ organic EFAs™ (Peskin PEO's)

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YES™ organic EFAs™ (Peskin PEO's)

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These organically produced, cold-pressed seed oils contain Parent Omega-6 and Parent Omega-3 fatty acids. These "Parent Essential Oils" (PEO’s) refer to the only two true essential fatty acids your body needs; Parent omega-6 (LA -Linoleic Acid) and parent omega-3 (ALA- Alpha Linolenic Acid). The term "parent" is used because these are the only unadulterated form of these essential fats which your body cannot make, they must be obtained for foods or from supplements.

YES™ organic EFAs™ were formulated after ground breaking work by Brian Peskin on supporting a healthy cardiovascular system and the seminal research of Nobel Winner and Cancer Scientist Dr Otto Warburg.

Unfortunately, in our modern world, many of us consume polyunsaturated fatty acids - oils that are denatured (cooked or damaged by manufacturing practices to ensure long shelf life) these are dangerous to your health because they will be used in making your cell’s membranes and will restrict the flow of oxygen into your cells.The presence of oxygen in the cell interior is vital to avoiding cancer, heart disease, Parkinson’s and many other illnesses.

YES™ organic EFAs™ as Parent Essential Oils increases the transfer rate of oxygen from the bloodstream into the cells, these are some of nature's most scientifically tested foods that offer proven health benefits, including;

  • lowering cholesterol
  • balancing hormones
  • reducing inflammation
  • easing painful & stiff joints
  • reducing lactic acid in muscles
  • sparing glycogen for runners
  • balancing blood sugar
  • increasing anabolic effects 
  • supporting healthy brain function
  • enhancing effective neurotransmitter signals

Many athletes, bodybuilders and professional sportspeople take YES™ organic EFAs™

"I use YES™ Organic EFAs™ parent essential oils whilst training and as part of my preparation for races." 
- Eugene Laverty World Superbike Milwaukee Aprillia Rider


Each YES™ organic EFAs™ capsule contains 725mg blend of 2 parts omegas 6 with 1-part omega 3 from organic high linoleic Safflower oil, organic Sunflower oil, and a small amount of organic Evening Primrose oil - all excellent sources of "parent" omega 6. This is combined with organic Flax oil and organic Pumpkin seed oil for excellent source "parent" omega 3. Best daily intake serving size is 4 capsules with food. 120 capsules give a 30-day supply.


Each bottle of our YES™ organic EFAs™ fresh nutty tasting liquid oils contain 4 fl oz and give you a 30 day supply. Adults should take 1 teaspoonful YES™ Ultimate EFAs™ liquid daily if body is between 54 kilos and 75 kilos - add 1/4 teaspoon for every 20 kilos above this weight. Children can take 1/2 a teaspoon daily. You can eat PEO's straight off the spoon or add PEO's to soups, cereals, or any other foods.

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