"...many factors that influence male sexual wellness"

The natural approach to fertility is and has been enormously successful, largely because fertility is multi-factorial, meaning that there are many, many elements that can be at the root of your fertility problems. A study conducted by the University of Surrey showed that couples with a previous history of infertility who made changes in their lifestyle, diet and took nutritional supplements had an 80 percent success rate. Given that the success rate for IVF is around 25 percent, it’s worth considering these options. Omega 6 & 3 essential fats have a profound effect on every system of the body, including the reproductive system and they are crucial for healthy hormone functioning. Scientific research has shown that certain vitamins and minerals can increase your chances of getting and staying pregnant. By improving sperm production and mobility using a natural supplement like Testro Balance you can dramatically increase chances of getting pregnant. In order to do this it is essential that you are obtaining the right nutrients and in the right quantities to enhance your success.


Vita Balance 2000 (Daily Multi Vitamin / Mineral) 90 tablets

Vita Balance 2000™ Offers Daily Health Protection

  • feel energised & rejuvinated in hours 
  • multi-vitamin-mineral-herb complex
  • offers powerful antioxidant protection
  • effective anti-stress pill for busy people
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • tested safe with Olympic athletes
  • low dose food state timed release formula
  • used by air crew to combat 'jet stress'
  • used by shift workers during transition
  • provides nutrients to support a poor diet
  • suitable for adults & teenagers
SKU: BH-EV-001

YES™ Ultimate Minerals (chelated formula) 60 vege capsules

Helps Prevent Mineral Deficiencies In Your Diet

  • Formulated to maximise respiratory co-enzymes
  • Truly 'chelated' minerals for maximum bio-availability
  • Unique formula that helps prevent dietary deficiencies
  • Improves biochemical reactions 1,000,000 fold !
  • Voted best mineral formula in the UK
SKU: BH-OH-005


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