"... diet can be the main cause of inflammation..."

Inflammation is not just tissue irritation, it is an early stage of the stress response. When nutrition is imperfect or the body is toxic, however, it can easily become caught in this phase of the stress response, giving rise to hundreds of symptoms.Improper diet can be the main cause of inflammation. We supply the most effective natural alternative to drug NSAID's ( anti-inflammatories) called AM-PM this joint pain relieving formula contains Glucosamine, which can be combined with Super Circumin and omega Parent Essential Oils ( PEO's) to give the most effective anti-inflammatory natural pain relief available for joint, knee and hips.


AM/PM Osteoflex - 180 caps (45 days supply)

Natural Support For Inflammatory Joint Conditions

 UK's best natural anti-inflammatory bone health formula 

  • natural anti-inflammatory help for joints & bone
  • keeps bones, joints & cartilage healthy
  • Improves joint mobility
  • prevents cartilage damage
  • Safe natural alternative to ibuprofen & NSAID's
SKU: BH-JB-001

Super Curcumin™ with Boswellia 60 caps

Amazing Anti-inflammatory Benefits

  • reduces inflammation
  • supports tissues
  • improves mobility
  • stops painful joints 
  • high bioavailability
SKU: BH-JB-002

Green Magic Capsules - Your Daily Detox & Energy Boost

Energy Boosting LOW Cost 'Greens In a Bottle'

  • boosts energy, promotes vitality
  • supports healthy looking skin
  • gives 5-a-Day benefits
  • safe natural daily detox
  • improves bowel health
  • combats oxidative stress
  • has high ORAC antioxidant value
  • makes great tasting smoothie
  • contains veg-capsules
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SKU: BH-A-003
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Green Magic POWDER - Natural Detox & Energy Boost


  • improves energy levels
  • lowers cellular biological ageing
  • gives youthful looking skin
  • improves digestive disorders
  • offers powerful antioxidant protection
  • high chlorophyll super food 
  • packed with EFA's  minerals & enzymes
  • Gluten & GM free
£24.95 £19.95
SKU: BH-A-003
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