"sexual dysfunctions are extremely common today..."

Do you feel like your sex drive just isn't what it used to be? If you do,you aren't alone, because many adults feel that way at some point in their lives. Sexual dysfunctions are extremely common today, and usually are the result of biochemical imbalances.The most common cause of reduced sexual desire in both men and women,and especially women, is an overall lowered energy level. We advise women take Adrenal Pro and organic Maca Maca to help increase energy required for enjoyable sex drive and enjoyment. Men often experience low libido because of lower testosterone uptake into tissues. Our amazing new Better Man formula 'turns on' testosterone naturally to give aphrodisiac effects, increased stamina and energy and long lasting sexual enjoyment.


Better Man - 30 vege caps

  • improves male sex drive
  • increases stamina and energy
  • improves erectile function
  • 100% natural with NO steroids
  • combats male menopause symptoms
  • scientifically proven nutrients
  • helps build lean muscle
  • suitable for vegetarians
SKU: BH-MB-001

Adrenal Pro

Best anti-stress pill for the 21st century

Supports Healthy Adrenal Balance

  • helps reduce high cortisol
  • balances adrenal function
  • helps balance blood sugar
  • boosts low sex drive related to fatigue
  • strengthens adaptive immune system
  • maintains body’s ‘homeostatic’ balance
  • helps supports healthy thyroid function
  • contains 9 of nature’s adaptogens
  • 100% natural balancing organic herbal formula

Maca Maca™ 120 grams powder

Helps Support Healthy Sexual Function

  • increases libido and sexual desire
  • increases vitality within weeks
  • non-drug, no side effects
  • helps improve adult fertility
  • combats ageing male hormones
  • supports endocrine system
  • GMO free, Kosher, Organic
  • suitable for vegetarians


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