"...most men avoid going to visit their GP..."

Because most men avoid going to visit their GP or seeking treatment for a minor ailment, we find they prefer to take preventative action instead. As men age they require good dietary habits and a coherent nutrition strategy to ensure a healthy prostate & good testosterone balance, strong vitality and effective anti-ageing nutrients.

We supply three amazing supplements for men that help achieve all three criteria by optimising their nutrition status. Vita Balance 2000 will boost energy, provide anti-ageing nutrients and help keep a healthy cardiovascular system, Prosta-Men-D supports prostate health and Testro-Balance supports testosterone balance, boosting libido and muscle mass. Men who want a stronger libido and better sex drive should consider using our new Better Man formula.


Vita Balance 2000 (Daily Multi Vitamin / Mineral) 90 tablets

Vita Balance 2000™ Offers Daily Health Protection

  • feel energised & rejuvinated in hours 
  • multi-vitamin-mineral-herb complex
  • offers powerful antioxidant protection
  • effective anti-stress pill for busy people
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • tested safe with Olympic athletes
  • low dose food state timed release formula
  • used by air crew to combat 'jet stress'
  • used by shift workers during transition
  • provides nutrients to support a poor diet
  • suitable for adults & teenagers
SKU: BH-EV-001

Prosta-Men-D™ Healthy Prostate Formula

Supports Healthy Prostate

  • herbal extracts, minerals, vitamins
  • prevents prostate enlargement
  • normalises urinary function
  • saw palmetto, lycopene, pumpkin seed oil
  • zinc and folic acid gives effective action


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