"...specialised formulas that help those wanting to lose weight..."

Obesity is a complex condition that requires a structured health programme under a professional physician or experienced practitioner. We supply specialised formulas that help those wanting to lose weight slowly and carefully. Many weight loss diets and programs do not supply the body with the nutrients it needs and/or do not balance body chemistry. Therefore, one may lose weight, but one becomes more ill and nutritionally deficient at the same time.

Meal In A Glass is a clever nutritionally balanced meal replacement powder that taste great and works effectively. Vita Trim Pro helps reduce sugar and sweet cravings and fat burning effects when taken as part of a healthy eating plan. Vita Balance 2000 puts good nutrition into the cells and tissues every day. We also suggest that anyone involved in a weight loss programme helps support the liver to detox waste and toxins released from burnt fat tissue; we advise taking Detox Plus during the weight loss period.


Vita Balance 2000 (Daily Multi Vitamin / Mineral) 90 tablets

Vita Balance 2000™ Offers Daily Health Protection

  • feel energised & rejuvinated in hours 
  • multi-vitamin-mineral-herb complex
  • offers powerful antioxidant protection
  • effective anti-stress pill for busy people
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • tested safe with Olympic athletes
  • low dose food state timed release formula
  • used by air crew to combat 'jet stress'
  • used by shift workers during transition
  • provides nutrients to support a poor diet
  • suitable for adults & teenagers
SKU: BH-EV-001

Meal in a Glass (weight loss drink)


  • The perfect meal replacement food
  • NO sugar,sucrose or glucose
  • NO artificial sweeteners
  • natural stevia & flavours
  • high protein value
  • packed with nutrients
  • great tasting flavours
SKU: BH-S-005
* Flavour:

VITA TRIM PRO (with Garcinia Cambogia & Chromium)

Helps Support Healthy Weight Loss

 amazing fat burning pill - get slim for summer !!

  • Addresses metabolic issues critical to weight loss
  • Made for health care practitioners
  • More effective when used with diet changes
  • Stops sweet cravings & improves metabolism
  • contains no ephedra or caffeine.
SKU: BH-S-001


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