Have been using PEO's ( parent essential oils) now for approx 6 months and what a difference it has made to our well being, more energy and in general feeling and looking better Even my father who's 83 has started to use them and has also noticed a difference in his energy levels. Apart from the excellent product, there's also excellent customer service. A win win situation and would highly recommend dealing with Buzz Health.

Alison , Banchory

 "I've been using 'Garden of Plenty' for over two years now. I first read about the product in a magazine article where Jessica Alba cited it as her main source of obtaining vitamins and antioxidants. What intrigued me was the idea of being able to obtain all the health benefits that this superfood powder provides, without having to take a multitude of different supplements. 'Garden of Plenty' has enhanced my overall health and well-being; providing me with higher energy levels, increased concentration, a stronger immune system and clearer skin and stronger hair and nails! I trust Dr Bo's products because they don't contain any additives or harmful ingredients that can compromise good health, and, in my opinion, 'Garden of Plenty' is the standout hero product."

Nichola Maloney - Merseyside

 ‘Liver Enhancer Tea cleared up the pimples on my face and amazingly it worked wonders in 2 weeks.’

Miss KM - Southampton

 ‘Osteoflex AM PM definitely improves the aches and pain of my arthritis; I notice the difference within a short time if I forget to re-order the product’

Mrs M. Bonner - Finchampstead, Berkshire

 ‘I find Testro Balance helps improve my libido, which has brought a sparkle back into my relationship’

Phil - Wokingham

 ‘It has taken me three months to feel the benefits of PEO’s, but finally I am free from the misery symptoms of PMT, hurray!!’

Maria - Sindlesham

 ‘Since taking the PEO’s I have had less pain from a degenerative disc in my neck with more energy and less depression’

Marlene Wright - Belfast

 ‘I love Green Magic; it gives me endless amounts of energy and aids my recovery which is crucial to my strenuous training regime’

Dan Bergin, Wales Under 17 Squash Team - Swansea

‘Within a week of taking the Vita Balance 2000 multi, my focus and concentration levels improved noticeably’

Dr. S Sembi, Optician -Bracknell

 ‘Since taking Vitamin D Spray I haven’t caught flu and I get far less winter illnesses’

Mrs M. Ella - Wokingham

‘Great tasting chocolate greens, it’s wicked, like drinking a milkshake, who cares if I get 15 servings greens every day, it’s got to make me and my liver healthier.

Sasha - Student, Bournemouth

' I will order some more Vita Balance 2000 and FibroPro next week as I don’t want to run out again, these two products really makes a huge difference to my pain levels'

Suzie O  Cheshire


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