Taking a multivitamin every day can reduce your risk of developing cancer-but the protective effect is only slight. It should be part of a strategy that also includes eating plenty of greens and vegetables, say researchers.

Researchers from Harvard Medical School found that multivitamins had a modest but significantly protective effect against cancer after they tested it on a group of 14,461 men, half of whom took one every day for 14 years, and the rest were instead given a dummy pill, or placebo.

As a nutritionist I believe that almost everybody will benefit from taking a high quality multivitamin and mineral pill but be discerning with your choices. Low cost multi's can be a hit or miss on quality, the best are those that are food state, slow release with chelated nutrients and most importantly, have doses that give optimum benefits, that don't pamper to RDA's ( recommended daily dose ). My preference is the Vita Balance multi from buzzhealth.co.uk but Bio Care's methyl multi is also excellent.