Before you rush to buy probiotic supplements to improve your gut flora you should read some of the contributing reasons why you could have faulty gut flora in the first place. Correct these, add high quality probiotics with digestive enzymes and you stand a great chance to notice your digestive health problems slowly improve.

Relax and sit down quietly when you eat, we can’t teach you to suck eggs on this point but it’s very important to sit quietly, relax and chew your food thoroughly each time you eat a meal. Animals know to do this but people are not that smart. Eating on the run, eating in your car, eating too fast, or when you are upset or busy, is very hard on digestion and upsets the entire process

Beware of infected or contaminated food, this will allow the wrong type of bacteria into your intestines and disrupt the good bowel flora. Never eat bad quality food, if you possibly can avoid it. Always treat yourself to organic, high quality food. To be on the safe side avoid eating raw fish or shellfish and pre-cooked meals from supermarkets.

Eliminate toxins in the food you eat, these can weaken your digestive system, they include; preservatives, dough conditioners, MSG, sweeteners like aspartame and sugar, artificial colours, artificial flavours, pesticide residues, insecticide residues, toxic chemicals, and others. We reckon that over 3000 of these chemicals are allowed to be added to prepared foods. Stay away from all of them if you want good, strong digestion.

Poor diet habits can impair digestive juices and upset the acid base, avoid improper food, such as sweets, sugars, refined bread, or drinking too much water or soda pop with meals.You may have low stomach acid or HCL as it's called, this can negatively impact good digestive health.and can allow harmful organisms to survive in your body, Impaired digestion may reduce the production of many chemicals in the intestinal tract that protect it from invaders or bacteria that should not be there and are harmful. One of the best digestive fixing tips for anyone suffering low stomach acid is to take a digestive enzyme containing betaine with HCL with every meal. We like the Power Plant Enzymes sold by BuzzHealth

Antibiotics and other medical and over-the-counter drugs are very damaging for the stomach, so they can severely impair digestion. Antibiotics kill the good bacteria in the intestines in many cases, instead, use natural methods for infections. Beware of Infections in the intestines such as parasites, viruses, or yeast problems. These either kill off or upset the proper bacteria that should be in the intestine. They go away, in most cases, when you eat properly, rest enough, and balance your body chemistry with a correct nutritional balancing program.