Most doctors are unaware of parasites and their importance, and don’t even consider testing for them, mostly because testing is costly and often somewhat messy. If one does test for them, detection is often difficult, even with elaborate stool and other types of tests. If they are detected, almost all doctors give toxic drugs or other somewhat toxic products to remove them. But because they must use different drugs for different species of parasites, often the drugs don’t hit the target and end up giving unwanted side effects.

So, if the allopathic route isn’t the most effective or cost beneficial, how can I eliminate parasites using a non-drug approach? The only sure way to kill parasites and make sure they don’t return is to make the terrain or internal environment of the body inhospitable for the parasites. This is a slow process that involves several factors to make this effective.

What type of parasite will likely affect us most and how do we know if we are infected in the first place?

Parasites are a large class of infective organisms that live on or in human beings, animals, and plant species. They are extremely common everywhere in the world, particularly in warmer nations. They are classified as follows:

1. Flukes and worms. This includes several hundred types of flat worms (such as tape worms) and round worms (such as hook worms and askaris, the common round worm). In most cases, they accumulate in the liver, colon, intestines, lungs or elsewhere, and cause symptoms such as pain, bloating, gas, fatigue, mental problems, and nutritional deficiencies (because the parasites consume our food). Liver flukes. A member of this group is liver flukes, the most common parasites in America and many parts of Europe and Asia. These infect most people, because their eggs are so often found in swimming pools, hot tubs, bathtubs, and gymnasium floors. Trichina. Another very important parasite in this group is the trichina worm. People get trichina infection when they eat products of the pig, mainly, even when the pork, ham, bacon, or lard are well-cooked.

2. Protozoa. These are smaller parasitic animals that include amoebas and giardia lamblia. They are microscopic in size, and more associated with Mexico, South America, and unclean food and water in tropical countries. These can kill babies and people who are weak or ill if they move from the intestines through a weak spot in the intestinal wall and migrate to the brain, lungs, heart, or other vital org

3. Spirochetes or spiral-shaped organisms. This is another group of microscopic parasites that cause Lyme disease and malaria. Lyme disease is very common in damp and wooded areas of the Europe and the USA, particularly where wild animals are roaming.

4. Yeasts and fungi. Some people also think of yeasts and fungi as parasites. Candida albicans and fungal infections and other candida species are extremely common.

 What symptoms am I likely to feel or suffer that could be caused by a parasitic infection?

A mild case of parasites will often cause few, if any symptoms. As a result, millions of people walk around with parasites and have no idea they have them. In fact, most people have some. Unfortunately, because people do not realize they have parasites, they often spread them to their family, sexual partners, and everywhere they go. If enough parasites are present, symptoms may include:

  • Worms and flukes tend to cause a bloated belly to some degree, fatigue, a sad look on the face, slightly darker skin tone, malnutrition if the case is bad, and interestingly, a craving for fat or other cravings such as for sugar or sweets.
  • Protozoal parasites, and perhaps others cause diarrhoea, constipation, abdominal pain, fatigue, weight gain or weight loss, intestinal bleeding, rectal itching or itching anywhere in the body. They may cause anaemia and headaches, and many other symptoms are possible if the case is severe.
  • Spirochetes such as the Lyme parasite (borrelia burgdorferi) causes a bull’s eye rash early on, which fades and later may cause joint pain, neck pain, headaches, brain fog, and other symptoms as it invades various tissues and organs.
  • Candida albicans and other fermenting organisms may cause gas, bloating, brain fog, confusion, fatigue, weight gain and other symptoms depending upon where it is and how severe it is.

What foods should I avoid to keep me safe from parasites?

It's best to reduce or avoid ALL raw or poorly cooked meats, raw fish, flat fish seafood, and shellfish. Sushi, which is sadly very nutritious, is a big source of problems in developed nations of Europe, Japan, America, and others.Avoid eating ALL unwashed fruit and all poorly washed vegetable salads if you want to avoid more parasites. I suggest one should never eat salad or fruit with skin unless you wash it yourself. This means avoiding ALL salads and ALL fruit with skin in restaurants. One never knows who washed the lettuce or the apples, and how well and how cleanly it was done. Remember that many of our fruits, vegetables, meats, and fish come from unclean tropical nations, which must include China, India, Southeast Asia, and South America. For this reason, the problem of cleanliness of raw foods is far worse today than ever before and getting worse by the day. Finding out if the food is clean is basically impossible, so you must assume all food is contaminated until proven otherwise.

To avoid trichina infection of the brain and elsewhere, I would avoid all pig products such as ham, bacon, pork, lard, pig skin, sausage made with pork intestine, pork rinds and other products of the pig. It does not seem to matter if it is well-cooked.

What else should I avoid keeping me parasite free?

Drinking water supplies are a major source of parasitic infection around the world, try to avoid drinking tap water where ever you live but especially when visiting a third world country. Also, always use warm or hot water and lots of soap to wash dishes and clothing.

Important water-related sources of parasites are pools, hot tubs, hot springs, boating clubs and facilities, cruise ships, and wet or damp floors in health clubs, gyms, school locker rooms. Just because a pool or hot tub has been “sanitized” with chlorine or bromine does not mean that all micro-organisms have been killed. Some cysts and eggs survive very well in these places. Even lake water, river water and occasionally ocean water can be contaminated with parasites. Untreated sewage also may find its way into lakes, streams, and some ocean areas, as well. So swim only in the ocean, clean lakes or rivers, or seek out healthful and very clean-flowing hot springs, which are scattered everywhere on the earth and much better because the water comes directly out of the ground, and is pure and always flowing. Notes on chlorine and bromine: These are powerful toxins that chemically kill many germs, but they do not kill all parasite cysts and ova.

Animals are often infected with parasites, and these can spread to people easily. Birds are the worst pets for this. Birds often flap their wings in their cages, spreading larva and parasite eggs throughout the house. Dogs and particularly cats are often infected with worms and other parasites. They should be de-wormed periodically, about once a year, using garlic, if possible, rather than toxic drugs.

Healthy Tips to Stay Parasite Free

The best way to kill parasites is to make the body a less hospitable host, which either kills them or they leave on their own accord. It is likely that you may not see parasites leave your body, however, they will slowly stop reproducing if the terrain of your body is not suitable for them. Here are some useful tips to make your intestinal terrain a nasty place for parasites to live.

  1. Parasitic infections are generally “cold” or “yin” so you need to make your body more yang, by eating cooked vegetables, well-cooked animal and plant proteins and healthy fats. it becomes less hospitable for all parasites.
  2. Don’t eat sugars because they feed parasites. Sugars, including fruit and fruit juices, are also very yin, which promotes parasitic infections.
  3. Enhancing overall vitality of the body is essential to rid the body of parasites. Parasites thrive in sick bodies. As vitality improves, they are often easily expelled. Increased vitality also enhances the body’s ability to resist repeated parasitic infections.
  4. Repair of the intestinal tract. This is done by eliminating all fruit, all juices except a little carrot juice, all raw food, all wheat products, all shakes and smoothies, and all food chemicals and refined foods. A diet of mainly cooked vegetables slowly strengthens and heals the intestinal lining, making it more difficult for all parasites to attach and thrive in the body.
  5. Twice yearly take a natural herbal parasite cleanse supplement, I personally endorse a formula called Paratox, (sold by buzzhealth.co.uk) because it’s gentle and has strong scientific and anecdotal backing. It’s in vege capsules so there is no strong herbal taste.
  6. A focus on liver detoxification can increases bile flow. Bile is very irritating and sometimes lethal for parasites.
  7. The use of a digestive aid with ox bile and pancreatin upset parasites, help correct the intestinal pH, and have other beneficial effects. Other digestive aids are not as good because they are not as yang and not as irritating to parasite.

Our amazing planet earth is teeming with parasitic diseases. Avoiding all of them is difficult, if not impossible. Fortunately, by following the advice in this blog and other information will help to make the body much more resistant to all parasitic attack and will slowly cause the body to eliminate many parasites without requiring drugs or other parasite remedies.

Paratox cost £27.95 for a 30-day supply, vege capsules, suitable for vegans too.                            http://www.buzzhealth.co.uk/paratoxtm-herbal-parasite-cleanse