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#No1 Green Superfood Formula (10 oz Powder or 300 Vege Caps)

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#No1 Green Superfood Formula (10 oz Powder or 300 Vege Caps)

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Now in its 30th year, this 60 day supply of the original Green Magic is the ideal pick-me-up super food to cleanse, detox, energise and rejuvenate body and mind. One tablespoon serving of these low cost super greens are packed with nature's minerals, vitamins, proteins, and antioxidants to give cellular nutrition benefits that a healthy diet simply can't always guarantee..

Combining the best of both scientific and anecdotal testimony, Green Magic is known to offer the following health benefits;

  • improves digestive health
  • increases energy and vitality
  • strenghtens immune function
  • supports cardiovascular & circulatory health
  • cleanses and detoxes heavy metals and cellular waste
  • enhances performance and speeds up recovery in athletes
  • lowers biological ageing
  • gives glowing healthy skin
  • relieves inflammatory conditions 

Green Magic contains some of nature's most powerful antioxidant enzymes including;SOD, Catalase and Glutahionine Peroxidase - these are enzymes that scavenge and mop up free radicals known to cause fatigue, ageing, and poor immune function. One serving of this superfood contains 1500 ORAC units - the equivalent antioxidant value from eating three servings of fruits and vegetables.

The amazing ingredients include: • edible algae Spirulina and Chlorella • green plant juice powder of organic Barley, Wheat and Kamut • Coenzyme Q10 • Sea Vegetables Kelp & Dulse • De-oiled GMO free Soy Lecithin • Microbiome Probiotic Blend • Jerusalem Artichoke Powder (Prebiotic) • Apple Fibre & Apple Pectin • Royal Jelly • Brown Rice membrane fibre • Wheat Sprouts containing SOD, Catalase and Glutahione Peroxidase


Green Magic powder can be added to rice or almond milk, water or juice and blended with veggies or fruits. It makes a delicious super food smoothie when added to our Ultra Whey protein powder or Meal in a Glass (we love the Strawberry and Chocolate flavours). Kids will eat it when it is added to cold foods like yoghurt, or warm soups or stews. Adults can take 1-3 heaped tablespoonful daily, children over age 5 can take 1 tablespoonful daily, kids under 5 can take 1 teaspoonful daily


Adults and teenagers can take 5 capsules daily to give an equivalent 3 gram serving, these can be taken with food or on their own. Many of our customers take 2 capsules with breakfast then take 3 capsules at lunchtime, giving them an energy boost through the afternoon. Children can take 2-3 capsules daily

Green Magic contains no preservatives, no sugars, additives, colouring or chemicals. It is Lactose,Gluten and Wheat Free and is suitable for vegetarians.

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