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Complex of REISHI (Liver Enhancer) Herb Tea Concentrate 2 fl oz

Complex of REISHI (Liver Enhancer) Herb Tea Concentrate 2 fl oz

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Liver Chi is an organically grown blend of traditional herbs used for centuries in Asia to support a healthy liver and protect it from damage associated with inflammation, toxins, infections and poor lifetyle habits.

Liver Chi helps to support your liver which is one of the hardest working organs in your body, especially in today's busy stressful and environmentally toxic world. It helps to balance blood sugar and fat metabolism as well as detoxifying chemicals and excreting hormones, drugs and cholesterol. Supporting your liver with natural therapeutic support allows you to nurture and protects the liver from damage associated with auto-immunity, inflammation, oxidation, alcohol, and infections such as hepatitis viruses, and psoriasis.

Enjoy Traditional Therapeutic Tea Drinking

Enjoy tea drinking the traditional Chinese way with this great tasting caffeine free therapeutic tea, The innovative formula is the brainchild of former Yale Scientist and Chinese Herbalist Dr James Zhou PhD who is credited with studies proving it effective against Hepatitis B, thanks to the polysaccharides in the medicinal mushrooms, proven effective for modulating the immune system.

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Liver Chi contains standardised extracts of edible mushrooms including; Ganoderma (Reishi), Poria, Cordyceps, Grifola (Mataiki) and Lentinus (Shitake). Other important liver nurturing ingredients included in this formula are Chinese Wolfberry, Milk Thistle, Schisandra and Chinese Blackberry. The natural sweetener fruit of Lo Han Kuo is added to give an authentic taste.


Liver Chi has been prepared to make it simple and easy for you to drink chinese traditional herbs without all the effort needed for preparation and cooking. It is so easy to drink. You just shake the bottle, open the cap, then you squeeze a dropperful (approx. 30 drops) into a cup and add warm water. You don't need to worry about potency because each dropperful is measured to deliver a guaranteed specific therapeutic dose - this is because this formula contains standardised natural extracts.

Take 1 -2 servings daily, drink cold by mixing with fruit juice or bottled water or drink as a hot cup of herb tea. Each 2 fl oz bottle gives 60 servings, a serving delivers 30 drops.