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Magic Fiber™CLR (Powder) Healthy Bowel Formula

Magic Fiber™CLR (Powder) Healthy Bowel Formula

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Magic Fiber™CLR provides 11 grams of soluble, clear, virtually tasteless dietary fiber that mixes easily when mixed with water or your favorite beverage or food to help keep your bowels regular and stop problems of constipation. Two different types of fructooligosaccharides serve as prebiotics (encouraging the growth of naturally occurring bifidobacteria), PLUS a complex of over 70 trace minerals.

Magic Fiber™CLR adds bulk to the stool, thereby helping it to pass more easily through the intestines, this unique fibre is the most important when it comes to treating constipation and it’s great for balancing blood sugars and keeping you fuller for longer. It also helps to absorb nutrients from food.

Bowel problems, especially constipation, is perhaps the most important health complaint in the modern world, treating constipation is important because it sets the stage for more serious bowel diseases in the future, and for more disease everywhere in the body.

To get plenty of healthy fibre in your diet you need to eat plenty of cooked vegetables, complex grains and legumes such as beans and lentils. We don't advise eating fruit because it is so high in sugars , sugar causes digestive complaints such as bloating and candida yeast infection.Don't forget to drink 2 litres of water daily.

Magic Fiber™CLR contains prebiotics (called fructooligosaccharides) along with over 70 Trace Minerals that encourages the growth of friendly gut bacteria in the colon whilst improving peristaltic bowel motion to stimulate regular faecal movement. Magic Fiber™CLR contains 11 grams fibre, each tub contains 24 days supply. Take 1-2 servings daily, mix into water or juice.

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