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Magnum C - 500mg Non -Acid Complex

Magnum C - 500mg Non -Acid Complex

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Each Magnum C tablet provides 500mgs of highly bioavailable patented Vitamin C known as Nutra-C®, which is a unique and more effective non-acidic Vitamin C. Magnum C also contains potassium & magnesium ascorbates, bioflavonoids, botanicals and natural rosehips to create a powerful immune boosting formula.


  • strong antioxidant
  • boost immunity
  • increases iron absorption
  • maintains healthy skin and hair 
  • helps form collagen in tissues
  • helps wound healing 
  • maintains healthy cartilage, bones and teeth 

Magnum C offers an effective immune system defence against winter ills (colds, coughs, and flu) and it's an ideal supplement for the entire family to support a healthier stronger immune system all year round.It is ideal for athletes or active sports people who suffer from upper respiratory tract infection or viral problems caused from lowered white cell immunity.


  • non acid, gentle on stomach 
  • 100% bio-available giving fast immine boosting effects 
  • high uptake & retention in the cells for powerful  action

Magnum C is made using a proprietary manufacturing process to protect naturally occurring Vitamin C metabolites that increase the bio-availability of this important antioxidant. Each tablet contains chelated minerals, mainly calcium ascorbate with special formulation, Nutra-C® is ionized completely and is 100% bio-available from the moment of consumption.Because Magnum C is pH neutral, it is gentle to the system, particularly the stomach..


Each tablet contains 500 mgs Vitamin C as Nutra-C&reg plus a proprietary blend of 325 mgs Rosehips, Burdock Root, Black Walnut, Bioflavanoids, Vitamin C, Wild Lettuce, Sarsaparilla. and Tumeric extract. Take 1-2 tablets daily with food - 60 vege-tablets per bottle.