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NutriCleanse™( Gentle Laxative) 180 Capsules

NutriCleanse™( Gentle Laxative) 180 Capsules

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NutriCleanse™ contains over 9 grams of gentle cleansing fibre per serving, allowing you to maintain excellent colon health and achieve active regular bowel movements every day without harsh, habit forming laxatives. NutriCleanse™ also contains gentle digestive herbs that helps the elimination of toxins, pathogenic bacteria, and harmful waste from the digestive tract.

The British Medical Association has found that 179 illnesses start in the colon. NutriCleanse™ capsules help re-establish a healthy colon and provide dietary fiber and supportive gut nutrients that works gently and naturally to cleanse, heal, and nourish the lower digestive track. NutriCleanse™ capsules contain no harsh habit forming laxatives,NO sugar, yeast, dairy, wheat, corn or soy, and NO artificial flavoring or colourings or preservatives.

Image of the Cascara Sagrada Plant

100% Plant Based Ingredients

Each capsule contains; Plantago Psyllium Seed (Blonde), Guar Gum ( Sterculia), Chlorella, Aloe Vera, Dunaliella, Wormwood. Capsicum (Cayenne), Cascara-Sagrada, Black Walnut, Senna Pod, Rosehips (Rosa Species) Garlic, Acidophilus (Carrot Concentrate). Chlorophyll (from Chlorella and Dunaliella).

Directions and usage: take 4 capsules daily before each meal, we suggest taking 2 capsules before breakfast and 2 capsules before supper. always drink a glass of water when you take the capsules. Each bottle gives 45 days supply.

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