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Green Magic (285 vege-capsules)

Green Magic (285 vege-capsules)

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Protocol Green Magic is the ideal pick-me-up super food to cleanse, detox, boost energy and rejuvenate body and mind. Each 3 grams serving or 5 capsules of this super green food is packed with nutrition benefits that a healthy diet simply can't guarantee.

Combining the best of both scientific and anecdotal testimony, Green Magic is known to offer the following health benefits;

  • improves digestive health
  • increases energy and vitality
  • strenghtens immune function
  • supports cardiovascular & circulatory health
  • cleanses and detoxes heavy metals and cellular waste
  • enhances performance and speeds up recovery in athletes
  • lowers biological ageing
  • gives glowing healthy skin
  • relieves inflammatory conditions 

Green Magic contains some of nature's most powerful antioxidant enzymes including;SOD (super oxide dismutase) from wheat sprouts , these enzymes scavenge and mop up free radicals known to cause fatigue, ageing, and poor immune function. One serving of this green superfood contains 1500 ORAC units - the equivalent antioxidant value from eating three servings of fruits and vegetables.


Edible algae Spirulina and Chlorella • green plant juice powder of Barley, Wheat and Kamut • Coenzyme Q10 • Sea Vegetables Icelandic Kelp & Nova Scotia Dulse • Soy Lecithin •Probiotics Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Bifidus Bacterium • Jerusalem Artichoke Powder • Apple Pectin Fibre • Royal Jelly • Rice Kernel Membrane • SOD from wheat sprouts.

Protocol Green Magic powder can be added to any beverage and blended with Red Magic or ORAC +10000 or Ultra Whey Protein powder to make a super smoothie. Adults can take 4-5 capsules twice daily, with breakfast and with supper,  children can take up to 3 capsues daily, or more if sick or playing competitive sports.  5 capsules gives an equivalent of 3 grams serving. Green Magic contains no preservatives, no sugars, colouring or anything artificial and it is Lactose,Gluten and Wheat Free.