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Vita Balance 2000 ( multi complex) 90 tablets

Vita Balance 2000 ( multi complex) 90 tablets

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Vita Balance 2000 is the ultimate daily multi vitamin and mineral with a special herbal complex that packs 125 essential nutrients into a tiny tablet to deliver daily nutritional support for hundreds of metabolic processes required for a healthy body and optimum mental function. There are no artificial chemicals, fillers, binders, preservatives or colourings in this tablet, it's no wonder Vita Balance is hailed as one of the best multi's on sale, you really will notice benefits.

New Spirit Naturals Vita Balance 2000 contains all 70 trace minerals in their natural ionic state, the ABCD and E of vitamins plus dozens more essential nutrients, including the minerals, phytochemicals, adaptogens and antioxidants you need daily to enjoy optimum health and stay naturally protected from lifestyle ailments.

This is a food state, slow release tablet that is absorbed faster and more effectively to guarantee you feel good energy all day long.Come rain, sun, or snow three tablets daily of Vita Balance gives you healthy peace of mind, gives you better digestion,supports healthy weight loss, improves immune function and helps to prevent nutrition deficiencies.

We supply Vita Balance in two sizes, the formulas are identical; a 30 tablet bottle under proto-col brand and these 90 tablets bottled directly from the factory made by the manufacturer. Serving size: take 3 tablets daily (can be taken without food). This product is likely to energise you, so we advise you take Vita Balance no later than 5 pm.