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YES Organic Ultimate EFA's (Vegan) 4 oz

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YES Organic Ultimate EFA's (Vegan) 4 oz

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These organically produced, cold-pressed seed oils contain Parent Omega-6 and Parent Omega-3 fatty acids. These "Parent Essential Oils" (PEO’s) refer to the only two true essential fatty acids your body needs; Parent omega-6 (LA -Linoleic Acid) and parent omega-3 (ALA- Alpha Linolenic Acid). The term "parent" is used because these are the only unadulterated form of these essential fats which your body cannot make, they must be obtained for foods or from supplements.

YES™ organic EFAs™ were formulated after ground breaking work by Brian Peskin on supporting a healthy cardiovascular system and the seminal research of Nobel Winner and Cancer Scientist Dr Otto Warburg.

Unfortunately, in our modern world, many of us consume far too many oxidised or trans fats including PUFA's polyunsaturated fatty acids - these are short molecular fats that become quickly denatured (cooked or damaged by manufacturing practices to ensure long shelf life) when heated. They become dangerous to your health because they will restrict the flow of oxygen into your cells.The presence of oxygen in the cell interior is critical to supporting healthy and vitality and the prevention of modern day disease and illness.

For those keen on the science of Cancer and Mitochondria Defects: you can read the article in New 21st Century Research” - Townsend Letter For Physicians, Aug/Sept 2009 on this subject, details of the pdf are available at ; http://brianpeskin.com/pdf/publications/CancerMito-Town8.09.pdf

Check out the many benefits of taking PEO's, remember that your body cannot make these and because of modern diet habits most people simply suffer a deficiency so its far easier to ensure optimum intake from supplements


  • lowering cholesterol
  • balancing hormones
  • supports healthy skin
  • reducing inflammation
  • easing painful & stiff joints
  • reducing lactic acid in muscles
  • sparing glycogen for runners
  • balancing blood sugar
  • increasing anabolic effects 
  • supporting healthy brain function
  • enhancing effective neurotransmitter signals

Many mum's with children and older active people take YES™ organic EFA's as do many athletes, bodybuilders and professional sportspeople.

Yes Liquid PEO's help to balance a women's monthly hormone cycle, this can help reduce symptoms of both PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome) and menopause transition. Many of our customers also take PEOs and combine with Nutrifem or they take our Menopause Pack of supplements for permanent relief from worse symptoms.


Each bottle of our YES™ organic EFAs™ fresh nutty tasting liquid oils contain 4 fl oz and give you a 30 day supply. Adults should take 1 teaspoonful YES™ Ultimate EFAs™ liquid daily if body is between 54 kilos and 75 kilos - add 1/4 teaspoon for every 20 kilos above this weight. Children can take 1/2 a teaspoon daily. You can eat PEO's straight off the spoon or add PEO's to soups, cereals, or any other foods. Please read the label for storage, you must refrigerate and consume within 4 weeks after opening


We also supply Yes PEOs as capsules, each bottle contains 120 capsules giving a 30-day supply. You can buy capsules by clicking on the 'related products' below or visit the URL http://www.buzzhealth.co.uk/yes-ultimate-efa-s