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YES™ Ultimate Minerals (Chelated) 60 Caps

YES™ Ultimate Minerals (Chelated) 60 Caps

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YES™ Ultimate Minerals are an effective way to replenish some of the essential minerals that nature intended for us to receive on a daily basis, before commercial farmers and food processors ruined our supply of them. Minerals are technically termed co-enzymes and they help vitamins work much more efficiently.

YES™ Ultimate Minerals are covalently (non-ionizing) bonded to amino acids to give maximum bio-availability, ensuring the cell "welcomes" the protein, and along with it, the mineral to ensure maximum absorption. Research shows that many of us can greatly benefit from a combination of eight specific minerals that are depleted in the modern diet: Iron, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Manganese, Chromium, and Boron.


  • calms digestive & bowel disorders
  • improves energy & matabolism
  • powerful antioxidant,bolsters immune system
  • help vitamins work effectively
  • removes heavy metals 
  • supports healthy brain & bone function
  • improve sleep and sexual function

"I use YES Ultimate Minerals whilst training and as part of my preparation for races." 
- Eugene Laverty World Superbike Milwaukee Aprillia Rider

Each YES™ Ultimate Mineral capsule contains the following ingredients; Iron 10mgs, Zinc 10mgs, Magnesium 200mgs, Selenium 50mcgs, Copper 2mgs, Manganese 10mgs, Chromium 200 mcgs, Boron 1mg.

Recommended daily intake: 2-3 capsules daily with food. Bottle size: 60 vege capsules