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Herbal Medicine
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Buzz Health is owned by two qualified nutritionists with decades of experience in clinical practice, scientific research, culinary skills, marketing, and commercial retail health store management.


Hi there,

We are James and Maria, our philosophy is simple - make food your medicine, try to eat nutrient rich fresh cooked foods daily, buy wholesome organic foods whenever possible and visit fresh food markets regularly. Heck, we know very well that sometimes this approach is just not practical because like you, we also have a busy, challenging lifestyle that will demand we occasionally buy convenience, prepared foods.


Our personal experience clearly shows us that dietary supplements help to replenish vitamins, minerals, omegas and amino’s no longer found in commercially sold processed foods. And these essential nutrients can help you to detoxify, energise and renourish daily. Taking additional nutrients helps supports a healthier mind and body, countering the high nutrient demand caused by the impact of stress, alcohol, poor food choices and environment pollution. They also prevent many age-related diseases. Let us make good health a reality for you and those who want to claim it.

Buzz Health supplies superfood greens and minerals essential to detox your tissues daily and give you two of your 5-a-day. Our best-selling organic plant seed oils, Yes Ultimate EFA’s are the world’s finest omega formula. Our 20/20 vision formula combats macular degeneration, Calcium Complex calms the brain at night, gives strong bones and supports female hormone health.

We supply you with the absolute best hand-picked supplements available, we go beyond RDA’s and minimum dosage to give you supplements that are clean and effective, not just trendy, or low cost. On the website you will find short videos on dietary tips and trending e-news on nutrition matters. You can also book an online nutrition consultation clinic directly from this website. Or you can simply request a supplement check-up.


We truly value your feedback and opinions.

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