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Q.  Do I take supplements with food or can I take on an empty stomach?

A. It is best to take most supplements with food unless the supplement is manufactured as  food state (like Vita Balance 2000) or it is a green food supplement (like Green Magic)


Q. When is the best time to take collagen supplements?

A. The ideal time to take collagen is at night when your body is resting, this allows the protein to get into your skin and your joints


Q. are supplements safe for kids to take?

A. most supplements are safe for kids because they have no side affects but this doesn’t mean that all supplements are suitable for kids to take. Most kids will benefit from taking some vitamins, minerals and greens but we prefer to focus on eating a healthy diet.


Q. what is the ideal dose of Yes Ultimate EFA’s I should be taking?

A. If you are taking capsules, you should take 4 capsules daily based on 50 -75 kg body weight - then add 1 capsule per day per every 20 kg body weight

If you are taking the liquid, you should take 3/4 teaspoon daily based on 50 -75 kg body weight. Add 1/4 teaspoon per day per every 20 kg body weight.


Q. How much Vitamin D 3 should I take daily?

A. Most people living in northern climates (includes UK) are deficient in vitamin D. Our nutritionist advises 1 daily dose of 5000IU for adults and 2000IU for children.


Q. What is the best supplement I can take to keep my immune system strong?

A. there’s no one single supplement that will boost your immunity but rather we advise you take a combination of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and herbs. A good example of this is taking Vita Balance 2000 Multi with the Green Magic superfood. You get a healthy measure of vitamins ACE and D alongside immune boosting herb and phytonutrients.


Q. Can I book a consultation with Nutritionist James McDonald through the Buzz Health website? And what are the costs?

A. You can send James McDonald an email from the website or contact him directly though the website, but you cannot book an appointment using the website.

The charges are as follows: New Clients booking first appointment gets 50% discount off fees; £42.50

for a one-hour Skype of Zoom Online Appointment. Thereafter £85 for a one-hour follow up appointment.


Q. How many servings a day does your Green Magic give me?

A. One serving of Green Magic gives you the equivalent of eating two servings of vegetables a day. This is based on an ORAC score of 1450 units per serving. The ORAC score measures the number of antioxidants in a serving of vegetables.

(ORAC means Oxidant Radical Absorption Capacity - this is the antioxidant capacity of a vegetable to quench free radicals)


Q. How should I take Three Treasure Herbal Green Tea (Longevity)?

A. You simply heat up the kettle and add one full dropperful of the herbs into a cup or mug and add warm water. Then simply drink it as a tea. It tastes slightly sweet but we do not add refined sugar, we add Lo Han Kuo, a natural herbal fruit.

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