This amazing herbal complex is a traditional organic Chinese Herbal formula used for hundreds of years to improve kidney energy and promote longevity.


·  essential to the body’s youthful vitality

·  kidney vitality support lustrous, healthy hair, nails and skin

·  supports clarity of our thinking

·  supports healthy circulation and sexual energy



Dong Quai herbal complex ingredients include standardised extracts of Dong Quai, He Sho Wu, Panax Ginseng, Chinese Knotweed, Schisandra, and Horny Goat Weed.

Kidney Enhancer is a liquid concentrate that dilutes with water or juices or can be added to hot water to make a tasty cuppa, it is blended with magic fruit Lo Han Quo to give a great taste!


Suggested use: 1ml or 30 drops twice daily, drink either warm or cold

Complex of Dong Quai (Kidney Support Tea)

  • 60ml Liquid Concentrate