Greens are now very popular, when taken as as daily smoothie they offer a quick pick-me-up to energise and rejuvenate body and mind. Green Magic is the  ultimate health food store in a jar, it  allows you and all your family an easy tasty way to get two of your five a day!


One tablespoon serving of these plant based green foods are packed with minerals, vitamins, proteins, essential fats and antioxidants to give the following benefits; 


- offers natural gentle detox 

- increases energy & vitality

- improves digestive & colon health

- helps support healthy youthful looking skin 

- supports immune function

- strengthens  cardiovascular & circulatory health

- speeds up post recovery in athletes



Spirulina and Chlorella, organic Barley, Wheat and Kamut grass powder, Coenzyme Q10, Kelp & Dulce, De-oiled GMO free Soy Lecithin, Microbiome Probiotic Blend, Jerusalem Artichoke Powder (Prebiotic), Apple Fibre & Apple Pectin, Royal Jelly, Brown Rice membrane fibre, Wheat Sprouts containing SOD, Catalase and Glutathione Peroxidase



Adults can take 1-2 heaped tablespoonful daily; children can take  ½ to 1  tablespoonful of powder daily. Or if you prefer you can take veggie capsules instead. Adults can take 4-5 capsules, children and teenagers can take 2-3 capsules daily. Green Magic greens contains no preservatives, no sugars, colouring or anything artificial and it is Lactose, Gluten and Wheat Free.

Green Magic 5oz powder or 150 Capsules

  • 5 oz Powder or 150 Capsules