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Green Magic powder offers a panacea for a healthier lifestyle in  today's nutrient challenged world. This supplement has stood the test of time for over 30 years - the ingredients have not changed since Buzz Health owner, James, went to California, USA  to source it. 


Let's not beat about the bush, the human body and the brain today are battered by  synthetic chemicals in foods and cosmetics , pollution and dozens of heavy metals - which when combined with poor nutition, can cause fatigie, brain fog, digestive discomfort, mood swings, premature ageing and poor skin, hair and nails. 


Pollutants and toxins dumb us down and need to be removed daily from tissues, to bring back our energy & vitality and restore nutritional balance. That's the wonder of our greens, thanks to powerful natural detoxifying nutrients like chlorophyl, high fibre apple pectin alongside spirulina and wheat grass juice.


Thankfully, it's not just a natural daily detoxifier, because Green Magic is packed with nutrient dense minerals, fatty acids, vitamins like vitamin B12 and beta carotene,  which offers a quick pick-me-up to energise and rejuvenate body and mind.


Green Magic is the ultimate health food store in a jar, it allows you and all your family an easy tasty way to get two of your five a day! And let's not forget the wee people, our kids and granchildren, who don't always get to eat their 5 -a day, but thanks to safe, healthy greens , they can get the equivalent 2 servings fruit and veg from drinking a tasty nutrient rich smoothie, made with fresh blueberries.   


One tablespoon serving of Green Magic mixed into any beverage or smoothie drink gives the following benefits; 


- offers natural gentle detox 

- increases energy & vitality

- improves digestive & colon health

- helps support healthy youthful looking skin 

- supports immune function

- strengthens  cardiovascular & circulatory health

- speeds up post recovery in athletes



Spirulina and Chlorella, organic Barley, Wheat and Kamut grass powder, Coenzyme Q10, Kelp & Dulce, De-oiled GMO free Soy Lecithin, Microbiome Probiotic Blend, Jerusalem Artichoke Powder (Prebiotic), Apple Fibre & Apple Pectin, Royal Jelly, Brown Rice membrane fibre, Wheat Sprouts containing SOD, Catalase and Glutathione Peroxidase



Adults can take 1-2 heaped tablespoonful daily; children can take  ½ to 1  tablespoonful of powder daily. Or if you prefer you can take veggie capsules instead. Adults can take 4-5 capsules, children and teenagers can take 2-3 capsules daily. Green Magic greens contains no preservatives, no sugars, colouring or anything artificial and it is Lactose, Gluten and Wheat Free.

Green Magic 5oz powder or 150 Capsules