Pregnancy Multi Essentials Multivitamin


This supplement offers complete nutritional support for pre-conception, pregnancy and breast-feeding providing 400mcg of folate, body-ready, active form of vitamin B9 (folic acid) as folate and vitamin B12 as recommended by the Department of Health.


This targeted formula provides folate which supports tissue growth in the placenta and uterus growth, iron for a reduction in tiredness and fatigue (it is common in women for iron levels to fall whilst pregnant) and vitamin D for immune health support.


But there’s many more benefits;


·        reduces tiredness and fatigue

·        supports fertility and reproductive health

·        helps direct the calcium to the bones.

·        Contains 25 different vitamins and minerals


Our pregnancy formula provides the recommended levels of iodine for pregnancy and breast-feeding women.  This formula uses iron bisglycinate which is a well-absorbed form of Iron and is gentle on sensitive stomachs. There’s also the preferred form of vitamin D (D3) – the same form as naturally produced by the body and recommended by the Endocrine Society. It has higher concentrations of vitamins B, C, D and K than competitors.


Dosage: 1 a day

Pregnancy Multi Essentials Multivitamin

  • 30 Tablets