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Vita Balance 2000 is an exceptional low doseage optimum absorption food state multi vitamin mineral formulal offering over 120 ingredients with amino chelates,  70 trace minerals, antioxidant phytochemcials, herbs, probiotics and botanicals we need daily for optimum immune health, day-long energy, digestive balance and inner cleansing - all  in a chlorophyll coated tablet.


This all-in-one formula supports a healthy diet, but it can also be used as a stand-alone nutrition booster for those on a poor diet.  Because it contains  amino chelates, you get a choice to take it with food or stand alone. Many busy  professionals like to take VB 2000 when they feel stressed , get brain fog or feel run down. 


Vita Balance 2000 should really be sold at £49.95   for 90 days supply but we  keep the  price under £25 to allow you the chance  to enjoiy the benefits of hundreds of metabolic processes required for a healthy body and optimum mental function.



  • maintains energy & vitality
  • improves digestion
  • prevents nutrient deficiencies
  • supports immune function
  • supports healthy weight loss program 
  • caffeine free pick-me-up


This is a food state, slow release gluten free tablet that you can take anytime, it contains ideal doses of nutrients making it suitable for both adults and kids.  There’s no artificial chemicals, fillers, binders, preservatives or colourings in this tablet- you really do notice benefits within a few hours! 


Dosage: adults can take 3-4 tablets daily (can be taken with or without food). Teenagers and kids over age 10 years old can take 1- 2 tablets daily. This product is likely to energise you, so we advise you take Vita Balance no later than 5 pm.

Vita Balance 2000 - daily multi nutrient formula

  • 90 Tablets

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