YES™ Herbal Complex contains 100% natural wild crafted organic grown herbs that helps to detoxify and combat the negative effects of our polluted environment.


YES™ Herbal formula is derived from the Essiac™ concept tonic, a time-tested mixture used for 100 years by the Iroquois & Ojibwa Indians in North America to support a healthy bodily  system . Our environment today contains many  toxins, which can crete an imbalace to health and wellbeing . These organic herbs  create a cleansing supplement that is safe and effective.


YES™ Herbal supplement is used as part of the Peskin Protocol that provides the right balance of proper cleansing, yet non-stimulating and non-irritating herbs, that can be safely taken every day.


  • supports the immune system
  • supports healthy detox 
  • supports the circulatory system 
  • supports an allergy-controlled diet
  • used for  the Peskin Protocol



Each vege capsule contains 500 mgs proprietary blend of organic herbs for  optimum health benefits.

YES, Herbal Caps

  • 30 Capsules