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Vita D3 1000IU Sublingual Spray ( 150 shots )

Vita D3 1000IU Sublingual Spray ( 150 shots )

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Vitamin D3 is a sublingual metered spray that delivers 1000IU as a fine mist directly into the circulatory system via the mouth delivering vitamin D fast and effectively into cells.You get an extra 50,000IU ( 50 sprays) more than popular brands and a unique delivery system. Vita D3 fits easily into your purse, pocket or briefcase.

Vitamin D3 is often called the "Sunshine Vitamin" but actually it's a hormone like compound produced by the body when stimulated by sunlight and synthesised by cholesterol. Some researchers suggest that up to 85% of people world-wide could be deficient in this vitamin and most of us living in northern climates need to take a Vitamin D supplement every day.

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) says up to 25% of UK children are vitamin D deficient, leading to a rise in rickets cases. Half of the UK's white population, and up to 90% of the black and Asian people in the country are thought to be affected by vitamin D deficiency.


  • supports healthy bones and joints
  • supports stronger immune health
  • improves strength and power in athletes
  • supports digestive system health
  • reduces auto-immune related allergies
  • natural antibiotic effects.

Our Vita D3 contains NO artificial sweeteners, each measured dose of 1000iu is sublingually delivered via your mouth directly into your circulatory system fast and effectively. One spray of 1000Iu It will cost you as little as 13 pence and you get 50,000 more IU's than other popular brands!! Each bottle contains 150 squirts and contains NO Artificial Sweeteners, or nasty chemicals - you get a great tasting mouth refreshing peppermint flavour supplement that will transform your health.

Vitamin D has powerful natural antibiotic properties and effects which is why so many commuters and business travellers use VitaD3 spray to protect themselves from viruses and airborne microbes that can cause coughs ans colds.